Did your paper-based prebills and report delivery get disrupted by “Work from Home?”

Three Steere Products to Ease the Transiation

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Ease the WFH Transition: Three Steere Products to Automate Your Prebills and Report Delivery

As the world is transitioning to working from home, paper-based processes are no longer efficient. In this webinar you will learn about three targeted solutions in Iridium’s “Steere” product family that can solve your prebill processing and report distribution issues, and do it quickly.

We will cover three problems and solutions:

  • Problem: Our attorneys are used to reviewing hardcopy prebills, and now there is no way to get them the hard-copies!
    • Solution: Iridium’s Steere AlertManager distributes notifications by email or text from just about any system or data set, including your Aderant®, Elite Enterprise® and Elite 3E® data.  AlertManager can be configured to automatically gather and distribute prebills to each attorney by email, skipping the need for printing hardcopies.  AlertManager can be installed and configured quickly, and provides a rapid solution for firms that currently have a broken distribution process for prebills.
  • Problem: Our attorneys used to review hardcopy prebills, and now we want to move to paperless prebill review!
    • Solution: Iridium’s Steere PrebillManager Completely streamlines bill editing, approval, and processing for firms running ADERANT, Rippe & Kingston, and Lawtime.  Attorney edits to prebills are posted directly back into the practice management system, avoiding manual data entry and speeding the entire bill creation process.
  • Problem: We always passed out a lot of hardcopy reports, and now we need a solution to do it electronically!
    • Solution: Iridium’s Steere ReportManager is a report distribution utility that allows users to deliver and burst information in a wide variety of formats across all firm data sources. You can solve your hardcopy problem by setting up reports off multiple data sources for automatic distribution – a perfect bridge to get the right reports to your new “work from home” team members.

Attend this webinar to see how the Steere PrebillManager, Steere AlertManager, and Steere ReportManager can not only address your prebill and reporting issues, but also provide numerous other benefits. This session will be one hour long.

Recording will be sent via email post registration

Meet the Hosts


Tom Jones
CEO Iridium Technology

Tom is the CEO/President of Iridium Technology — the firm that is 100% focused on business intelligence (BI) for law firms. Tom has been focused on business intelligence and profitability for law firms for over 20 years. Prior to starting Iridium Technology, Tom worked for ADERANT for 13 years, with most of his tenure as the Product Manager for ADERANT’s business intelligence offering. Tom is a regular presenter at ILTACON and hosted the ARK Profitability and ARK BI conferences for the last three years. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara, and was selected as the outstanding Computer Science student in his graduating class. He lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife and two sons. All of the Jones family members are avid skiers, fitness nuts, golf crazy, and love to travel.


Jeff Suhr
Vice President of Intellistat and Steere Products

Jeff is the President of DFTech and has over 20 years of legal/financial systems experience. In his role at Data Fusion, Jeff is involved in the product management, marketing and consulting areas of the IntelliStat Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Matter Planning & Pricing product lines. He maintains in-depth data mining (SQL) skills which enable information to be gathered from a number of Legal Practice Management Applications while also possessing a fundamental understanding of general law firm business analysis and accounting practices. Before joining DFTech, Jeff began his career at Aderant where he worked in various technical and managerial capacities for over 10 years.


Randy Steere
Executive Consultant

Randy Steere has a Master’s Degree from RPI specializing in Database design. He was the IT director at a mid-sized law rm for 7 years before moving to Boston and starting a consulting business. He has been consulting for the past 20 years in all aspects of law firm technology before merging with Data Fusion in 2018. As part of the consulting business, produced 5 major software packages that are fully integrated to work with Elite, Aderant and other systems. Randy continues to consult for Iridium today, as well as help firms with system selection and implementation.

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