Chawanwat Yotyingapiram (“Tuja”)Iridium Scholar

    Chawanwat Yotyingapiram (“Tuja”)

    Iridium Scholar


    Tuja is 17-years old, and is a freshman at the same high school as Janji and Mi. He is our strongest Wolverine scholar academically, with a 3.84 GPA. He is the fourth of five kids. His parents are subsistence farmers, and their total income per year is 5000 baht ($150). This gets back to our point about the scholarship amount: 300 baht per month for Tuja is almost as much as his parents are making. His oldest brother and sister both dropped out of school before 8th grade. Brother number three is a Buddhist monk, a noble calling, but unfortunately not helping the family. Tuja is taking every science class available: physics, chemistry, biology, and math. He wants to be a doctor and is such a highly motivated kid that we will be shocked if he doesn’t achieve it. He loves playing soccer and has organized an after-school soccer program to encourage the students to stay away from taking drugs. Finally, because the Wolverines commit to helping other Wolverines, Tuja is tutoring Janji and Mi to help them with their math and science classes.

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