Miaekue Phalenot (“Mi”)Iridium Scholar

    Miaekue Phalenot (“Mi”)

    Iridium Scholar


    Mi is a senior studying agriculture and plant science. She has 3.46 GPA, which is well above the standard to apply for the Princess scholarship. She is the oldest of four kids and attends the same boarding school as Tee. Her parents are subsistence farmers and dropped out of school in the sixth grade. Both parents have health problems that prevent them from doing too much work. Mi likes science classes, and is the President of the Plant Biology club. She wants to be a teacher. She describes herself as hard-working, and says that she has a hard life so “she can never stop working her hardest to work for a better life.” She is funny and cheerful and likes playing volleyball and Thai volleyball. When school is on break, she walks for 14 hours to get back to her village.

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