Janjira Panakunkhow (“Janji”)Iridium Scholar

    Janjira Panakunkhow (“Janji”)

    Iridium Scholar


    Janji is Naat’s younger sister. She is going to boarding school and is currently a sophomore. Her grades are good, and she is also hoping to win the Princess Scholarship and be a nurse. As a high school student, she gets 300 baht per month ($10). As mentioned before, while it seems like a pathetic amount, we had in-depth discussions with Pongsak about what is the right amount. He strongly advised us that anything more than 300 baht per month would be too much. Janji goes back to the village on all school breaks to help her mom and grandmother. Both her and Naat are highly focused on being good role models so that their younger brother will also make it to the university. Janji likes playing volleyball and Thai volleyball (which is played with your feet).

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