ReportManager© is a unique program used to burst, merge, and distribute multiple reports to a Web site, Email or Sharepoint. ReportManager can be fully automated and scheduled and allows you to specify multiple reports in a parameter set. In addition, fields may be inserted automatically into reports allowing any report to be turned into a form to be completed by end-users in Adobe Reader.


  • Bookmark, burst, and distribute one or many PDF files in one pass
  • Multiple levels of bookmarks
  • Option to repaginate as you burst
  • Burst and archive the files into a directory structure of your choice
  • Option to merge PDFs for each user into one bookmarked pdf package
  • Option to attach non-bursted reports at the same time
  • Email based on Code, Name, Login or specified Email
  • Option to distribute a report to many people per individual code within the report such as a secretary or supervisor
  • Distribute to Employee, Department, Practice Group, Office heads or any custom code you desire, even Clients
  • Option to split off an opening parameter page and any final total pages
  • Manual and/or automated mode – can be scheduled
  • Option to Email files as a link or an attachment
  • Assign user-friendly names to each attachment
  • Works with Aderant Expert, Elite (Enterprise or 3E) and many other databases
  • Works with valid PDF’s generated from any source
  • License needed only for those PC’s running ReportManager©
  • Automatically insert multiple fields into the report as it is burst
  • Allows the end-user to fill in the fields with Adobe Reader


ReportManager© bursts any valid PDF file into a directory structure of your choosing (including to a web site)and can even merge multiple PDFs into a single report package. Indeed ReportManager© began the concept of a PDF report package and is the only tool that is capable of building one! It is extremely flexible with powerful system variables so that you don’t have to change anything from day-to-day or month-to-month.

ReportManager© is also able to email reports or report packages to multiple people and/or groups. Alternatively, it is able to publish reports to a Sharepoint Library.

Security in ReportManager© can be customized for each report, allowing you to specify who will or will not receive the report and what they can do with the report once they receive it. Security is integrated with your accounting application so that it reads users, logins, and emails directly from your existing system. No need to worry about synchronizing outdated information.

Other applications can only burst a single report by employee. ReportManager©can burst reports by any code (such as office, department, practice group, title, rank, etc.) and allows you to associate an unlimited number of email addresses with each code. This gives you unprecedented flexibility in distributing office or practice group report packages. You may also assign a different password to each code as well. This password is applied to the PDF as it is processed.

ReportManager© also has the ability to insert fields into any PDF as it processes it. This turns any report into a form that may be filled out by the end-user with Adobe Reader (Writer is not required!). After filling out the form, a simple push of the button will send that information directly back to the database where it may be used for archival, query, and reporting.

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