PrebillManager© is a carefully thought out, attorney-facing viewer designed to make the attorney editing process fast. The viewer is also designed for the billing department to quickly see the changed information and process those changes into the accounting system.


  • Track the prebill during the workflow
  • Share prebill editing with assistants, reviewers, timekeepers
  • Quickly edit prebill – no charge, write-down, fixed fees, spell check, mass edit, etc.
  • Gather WIP, post time, change bill date, and change thru date in one step
  • Offline prebill editing
  • View a completed prebill – see all the edits and notes long after the prebill has been posted or deselected
  • Demand prebills on the fly or even after normal business hours
  • Fix block billing time entries in seconds for faster electronic billing
  • Validate block billed entry hours
  • Quickly split time and disbursements
  • Add, review, and share notes by entries and prebill level
  • Create a draft bill after edits and before preparing the bill
  • Email notification for all stages of the workflow
  • Create firm-specific rules for attorneys and/or billers to inform or require approval

PrebillManager Proven

Firms using PrebillManager© report reductions in cycle times to:

  • Distribute prebills to attorneys from days to less than an hour
  • Revert Prebills from attorneys to billers with edits from days to minutes
  • Convert prebills to bills, resulting in improved cash flow

PrebillManager Mobile

Smartphone support for:

  • Prebill edits
  • Approvals
  • Securely view and make changes to prebill information without storing any client data on the remote device
  • Support for both iOS and Android devices


PrebillManager© is an electronic/paperless prebill editing application designed specifically to streamline the billing process. Faster processing means bills are sent out sooner and cash comes in faster. Your billing department is able to handle more bills with no increase in personnel. You save paper and time, practically eliminate editing errors, and increase your disaster recovery options. In addition, it is helpful for remote offices; and as a safeguard for business continuity and disaster recovery.

PrebillManager© works to streamline most or all bills within your firm. Attorneys will never be billers, but because PrebillManager© works the way they currently do on paper, they quickly and easily adopt PrebillManager©.

Utilizing the Aderant Billing API, PrebillManager© works with your existing prebill format. It mimics that same data on the screen and embeds fields into each prebill allowing the end-user to quickly and easily edit the prebill electronically just as they would have written on the piece of paper. Multiple prebill formats are easily accommodated if needed. The electronic format is treated just as if it was a paper prebill.

PrebillManager© does not require complex and expensive additional servers and installs quickly and easily. It does not require Adobe or other third-party software.

We replicate your prebill template in an electronic form, and attorney and biller features can be quickly configured. We work with your firm to enable or disable the specific features you want to use depending on the firm’s culture.

PrebillManager© has a complete audit trail of all the actions and edits performed on a prebill. One may undo back to any point in the audit trail. An audit trail is also kept of all email messages sent out. These audit trails are available even if the prebill has been deselected.

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