BudgetManager© is an effective business tool for streamlining the creation of matter budgets, tracking budget to actuals (fees and disbursements), profitability, alerts, data warehousing time history, predictive coding, and managing projects. BudgetManager© is fully integrated with Aderant and Elite (Enterprise and 3E).


  • Attorney Viewer
  • Wide array of Alternative Fee Arrangements: Fixed Fee, Blended, Collar, Fee Cap, Volume, etc.
  • Tight Aderant and Elite Integration
  • Types of Budgets: Summary, Quick, Phase Tasks, Import, Allocation, Parent, Top-Down, Leverage, and Research
  • Future rates
  • Versioning
  • Templates
  • Profitability
  • Alerts
  • Scenarios
  • Disbursement Support
  • Legal Project Management (LPM)
  • Predictive Modeling•Expandable Reporting (SSRS)
  • Integration with EIS, Aderant Bill Formats, PrebillManager, AlertManager


Budgeting: Simple to complex budgets. Budget with or without phases and tasks. Alternative fee arrangements, versioning, budget-to-actuals, templates, Gantt charts, milestones, and alerts are some key BudgetManager© features.

Scenarios: Scenarios are a series of quick questions a user answers when creating a budget. Scenarios can calculate a budget and capture data that can be later mined for information. It allows the firm to refine the budget with minimal input from the attorneys.

Legal Project Management (LPM): Create and monitor milestones to be completed for a budget. Each milestone may be assigned to an individual with a deadline date. A status may be assigned along with a % complete based on hours or % of task, begin date, and completion date.

Reporting: BudgetManager© has a diverse variety of standard budget to actuals reports. The 19 standard reports are built-in SSRS and can be customized by, or for, the firm. Some of the reports are Dashboard, Attorney, Client Status, Allocations, Attorney, Gantt, Compare Budgets, Line Chart, etc.

Allocations: Allocations show where you are against the budget to-date, not just the full budget. Budget across periods of time to determine when various tasks might be billed. Periods may be weeks, months, quarters, semiannually, annually, or life-to-date.

Pricing Analytics

Pricing Analytics allows you to data-mine time entries from your time and billing system into BudgetManager© for sophisticated data analysis. The data warehouse or data mining feature allows you to copy time entries into warehouse tables within BudgetManager© and quickly scrub and massage this data for accurate analysis.


  • Quick and easy time entry imports
  • Narrative indexing
  • Easy linking of matters, clients, or parent clients
  • Advanced, efficient narrative searching
  • Block billing processing
  • Narrative updates
  • Staffing level updates
  • Multi-tasking
  • Custom scrub routines
  • Warehousing with key metrics
  • Phase task coding not on original time entry•
  • Create Budget from Warehouse
  • Compare up to 10 Warehouses for analysis
  • Compare Budget to Warehouses
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