How to Solve Ineffective Pricing and Partner Compensation Decisions

Webinar: How to Solve Ineffective Pricing and Partner Compensation Decisions

Law firm pricing and partner compensation decisions produce two of the hardest-hitting impacts on your firm’s profitability. Can you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your firm’s pricing strategies? And are your firm’s partner compensation decisions rewarding truly profitable actions?

Join us for our next webinar, “How to Solve Ineffective Pricing and Partner Compensation.” In just 45 minutes, Jeff Suhr, President of Intellistat/Steere, will walk you through how to leverage advanced analytics to gain clarity and precision to drive more profitable pricing and partner compensation.

He’ll discuss:

  • The importance of implementing data-driven law firm pricing strategies.
  • Why factoring in three realization rates into partner compensation reviews is critical.
  • How streamlining speeds up the law firm partner review process.
  • And more!

We’ll show you how you can leverage integrated financial analytics and business intelligence platforms to increase efficiency and profitability. You won’t want to miss it!

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Jeff Suhr
Senior Vice President of Intellistat and Steere Products

Jeff is the Senior Vice President of Intellistat and Steere Products, and the former President of DFTech. He has over 20 years of legal/financial systems experience. In his role at Data Fusion, Jeff is involved in the product management, marketing and consulting areas of the IntelliStat Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Matter Planning & Pricing product lines. He maintains in-depth data mining (SQL) skills which enable information to be gathered from a number of Legal Practice Management Applications while also possessing a fundamental understanding of general law firm business analysis and accounting practices. Before joining DFTech, Jeff began his career at Aderant where he worked in various technical and managerial capacities for over 10 years.

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