Complete and Accurate Timesheets with the Least Amount of Effort

SmartTime is designed to effortlessly streamline the timekeeping process in your law firm. Are you struggling to get your timekeepers to accurately track their billable hours? Looking to make timekeeping more efficient? Or, maybe you want to find 8-10 additional billable hours every month for each timekeeper? SmartTime can help with all that and more. 

Using SmartTime, you can expect increased efficiency as your professionals automate time tracking and recording tasks. Entries are more accurate, and your timekeepers will finalize AI-generated timesheets in minutes, not hours. 

Your firm will generate more revenue, reduce write-offs, and get paid faster. And thats just for starters. 

SmartTime Features

Time Entry

  • Easier time entry with sophisticated features like AI-powered time recording, time gap analysis, auto-narratives, tile and grid timers, and a relationship engine that accurately predicts entry details. Options are available to suit firm and timekeeper preferences. 
  • Automatically generate time entries that conform to client billing guidelines, use consistently worded narratives, and include the time spent on tasks, client matter numbers, required codes  everything attorneys and accountants need to simply review and approve entries in seconds.

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  • Boost Revenue  An intuitive user interface & mobile features help each attorney find and record more time each month. 
  • More Profit  Automatic compliance with billing guidelines and more accurate entries reduce ebill rejections and other hassles that cause costly write-offs. 
  • Improved Consistency  Firmwide and user-defined auto-narratives deliver consistent language on invoices, which clients appreciate and have come to expect. 
  • Faster Timesheet Completion  Attorneys finalize timesheets faster and easier with AI performing all the tedious taskand machine learning, perfecting the details behind the scenes. 
  • Faster Payments  Faster timesheet finalization and more accurate time entries help to reduce the time between work-in-progress and payment. 
  • Supports All Timekeepers  Configurable options, intuitive dashboards, and personalized reports cater to the individual needs of contemporaneous, reconstructionist, and collaborative timekeepers. 

Time Capture

  • Time Capture can function as part of SmartTime or as a standalone product. 
  • Expect an immediate increase of 8-10 billable hours/month per timekeeper as Time Capture automatically tracks work-related activities in and out of the office and generates pre-populated time entries for many activities that typically go overlooked. 
  • Generates pre-populated time entries for activities such as sending and receiving emails, attending meetings, Zoom conference calls, phone calls, creating and editing documents, dictation, browsing online, and more. 

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  • Generate More Revenue – Time Capture is monitoring all of your firm’s systems, finding time entries that are currently being overlooked 
  • Build Your Ideal System – Connectors are available to dozens of systems, so you can select the systems that you want to include in your integrations. 
  • Increase Time Entry Compliance – New time entries are suggested every day, allowing your timekeepers to quickly review and post their time 
  • Reduce Write-Offs – Accurate new time entries that are tied to your activities will not be questioned by your clients 
  • Get Paid Sooner – Time entries are captured in real-time and are highly accurate.  This means that those time entries will not only be billed more quickly but also be paid more quickly due to the accuracy and completeness of the invoices. 


  • Automates the submission of released time entries and sends them directly to managers to review and approve. 
  • Timekeepers can automatically submit time entries for approval with just one click 
  • Managers can quickly approve time entries, or they can return incorrect entries for revisions. Timekeepers may then resubmit corrected entries for fast approval, allowing more hours to swiftly stream into your billing system 

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  • More Real-Time Oversight  With instant notification of time submissions, managers can more quickly spot scope creep to prevent project overruns. 
  • Reduce Busywork  Spend more time working with clients and colleagues and less tracking down missing timesheets and revisions. 
  • Avoid Delays  If an approving manager is unavailable, easily transfer their approval responsibilities to another manager. 
  • Find Open Time Anytime  Run queries by date, client, timekeeper, office, or department and easily find all open time entries that need attention. 
  • Reengineer your billing cycle to reduce days to bill. 

Billing Guidelines

  • Real-time outside counsel guideline compliance  Instant error alerts ensure entries are compliant at the point of entry. Find violations early to avoid submitting them to clients. 
  • Stop Writing Off Profits  Compliant time entries sail through automated ebilling systems, significantly reducing invoice rejections and the write-offs that follow. 
  • Enforce compliance Everywhere  Aid attorneys working in and out of the office with compliance enforced on desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Improve Client Trust  Avoid creating conflict in client relationships. Send compliant invoices, build trust, and provide the transparency needed to demonstrate your value. 

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  • Streamline Billing  Partners review and edit pre-bills faster because OCG compliance is automatic. Less time is wasted fixing errors and resubmitting invoices. 
  • Expedite Payments  A smooth, compliant time entry and billing process reduces the time it takes to convert work-in-progress into cash. 
  • Reduce Risk  Stop over-reliance on billing department personnel who are, after all, prone to human error. SmartTime remembers all inputs without fail. 


  • Timekeepers capture more billable hours with intuitive time entry capabilities available any time, any place, on any device. Mobile time tracking apps for IOS and Android devices deliver real-time access to a full range of features such as generating reports and viewing up-to-the-minute statistics. 

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  • Immediate Availability  When timekeepers release time entries, they are immediately available for review and approval by the assigned managers. 
  • Reliable Notifications  Email and dashboard notifications ensure new, returned & revised time entries are quickly noticed and attended to. 


  • Tile and grid timers float above other windows to enable easy start-and-stop for project tracking. 
  • Easily tag time with the appropriate client, matter, and description. 
  • Seamlessly move timers back and forth between the desktop and mobile app. 

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  • Multi-Project Time Tracking  Stop guessing how long tasks take. Easily start and stop smart timers, even when quickly switching among multiple projects. 
  • Quick Approval  Timer entries can be tagged with every detail needed to finalize with a single click and are set to use consistent wording in narratives describing emails, phone calls, browsing, and more. 

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