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The Third Annual Law Firm Profitability Survey Snapshot

Information about the profitability processes of law firms has long been inaccessible. There had been no single source of information that firms could learn and take best practices from.

That’s why we collaborated with our friends at LawVision for the “Biggest Law Firm Profitability Survey Ever.” Starting in 2019, we sent this survey out to over 100 law firms to gather data about profitability processes, modeling, and more.

Now, your firm can benefit from this data. We’ve gone through the most important data metrics from the 50+ page survey and made them available in a recorded video for you to download. compiled the most important data metrics from the 50+ page survey writeup and made them available to you in this “Survey Snapshot” document. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about profit growth trends, how firms are calculating profitability, and a whole host of other profitability data points – you’ll also get in-depth information that will help you plan for 2022 and beyond.

This webinar is full of actionable insights for your law firm to maintain, or even increase, profitability in this time of economic downturn. Download it now and your firm’s profitability will never be same.

What You’ll Learn

  • Are firms generally satisfied with their profitability?
  • What has profit growth looked like in the past three years?
  • Is it useful to consider profitability risks during client/matter intake?
  • How your firm can optimize clear and fast understanding of profitability
  • The value of technology in profitability calculations and modeling
  • Both the short- and long-term impacts of COVID-19, and by extension, the economic downturn on law firms
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