Do law firms need yet another choice for their BI platform?

Our answer is “ABSOLUTELY”! Many firms that have already purchased legal BI solutions are disappointed by the capabilities of the solutions and the value and service that they receive from their BI vendor. Firms that have not yet purchased are underwhelmed by the quality of the offerings that are presented and the lukewarm references that are provided. Iridium Technology has 50,000+ hours of experience working directly with our client base on business intelligence solutions for legal and professional services firms. We built Iridium BI because we can clearly see that law firms deserve better BI than they are currently getting: better cubes, better dashboards, better value, and better service.

Iridium BI provides law firms with their choice of high performance cubes and dashboards. All content can be customized based on the firm’s business requirements. Our dashboards are built on the powerful concept that there should be a goal for every value that is displayed. For every component of Iridium BI, we have thrown out the traditional architectures and approaches and built revolutionary new components that provide phenomenal performance and capabilities.

All modules are backed by Iridium’s 90-day Money Back Guarantee: “If at any time in the first 90 days you are not satisfied with any Iridium BI module for any reason, we will refund all of your fees. Period.”

Iridium BI – By the Numbers

Modules: GL, Revenue, Expense, Profit & Matter Budget
Seconds average refresh for our role-based dashboards
Day money back guarantee
Goal: provide the best BI and dashboard solution for law firms. Ever.

Burlington Media Group Briefing: Industry Analysis – “Value of Collaboration”

Burlington Media Group’s “Briefing” magazine (February 2019) features an Iridium BI Industry Analysis Report:

Fraser Mayfield, head of EMEA at Iridium Technology, says learning to price your work more collaboratively can reap some real rewards

Burlington Media Group Briefing: Industry Case Study Report

Burlington Media Group’s “Briefing” magazine (September 2018) features an Iridium BI Case Study Report:

Rod Fripp, IT director, Capsticks, says the case for choosing business intelligence reporting from Iridium Technology couldn’t be clearer

ILTA White Paper: “A Business Intelligence Bill of Rights”

ILTA’s “Business and Financial Management” white paper (November 2014) features an article written by Tom Jones:
“A Business Intelligence Bill of Rights: 20 Critical Factors For Selecting Your BI Solution.” We strongly believe that firms need a better tool set and selection process when choosing their BI solutions. The white paper proposes a new strategy for evaluating vendors and products, and can be applied to all product shootouts

GAME ON: We Challenge Your Existing BI Solution!

We are very confident that Iridium BI can solve your toughest BI problems. With this in mind, we are offering four “challenges”:

#1: Query Speed

Bring us your worst performing ad-hoc query on your current BI solution. We will show it running against our 350 timekeeper demo database with excellent performance.

#2: Dashboard Speed

Bring us your slowest dashboards. We will show you a comparable dashboard running on our demo database with a refresh time of a couple seconds.

#3: Customization Capabilities

Bring us the customization that your current vendor could not deliver. We will implement it on our demo system on a quick turnaround.

#4: Profitability Capabilities

Bring us the profitability problem that your current vendor could not solve. We will implement your allocation or analysis scenario on our demo system on a quick turnaround.

GL + Expense Module

  • Role-based dashboards summarizing firm performance and financial position
  • Complete set of financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Trial Balance
  • Fully configurable to match firm requirements for financial analysis and reporting
  • Firm management is fully informed on financial performance with both graphical and numeric data representations
  • Ability to create ad-hoc financial statements and queries using Microsoft Excel
  • Tighter management of firm expenses, resulting in reduced spending and improved cost control

Revenue Module

  • High performance revenue cube with 200+ measures covering billable hours/dollars, disbursements, invoices, collections, write-offs, etc.
  • Complete set of role-based dashboards
  • Cube and dashboards are fully customizable based on firm requirements (all Iridium BI modules)
  • Cube and dashboards are extensible: we can seamlessly merge data from external systems
  • Excellent query performance – even on the most challenging slices such as aged WIP/AR and participating partner credits
  • Extensibility and customization capabilities provide a complete BI ecosystem for reporting on firm performance
  • All firm timekeepers empowered to manage their own performance via powerful and informative dashboards
  • Dashboards drive culture of performance and accountability, resulting in higher billable hours, faster billing, and faster collections
  • Role-based dashboards provide targeted information delivery for management team, partners, and working attorneys
  • Finance staff has high performance cubes for ad-hoc analysis, enabling faster response to partner queries

Profit Module

  • Complete profitability solution, providing analysis by all firms “components”: Office, Department, Client, Matter, Responsible Partner, Working Attorney, etc.
  • High performance, full-featured Profit cube
  • Supports both cash and accrual based profit reporting and analysis
  • Complete set of role-based Profit dashboards
  • No limits on loading data from external sources
  • No limits on allocations
  • Excellent query performance – even on the most challenging slices such as WIP/AR aging and participating partner credits
  • Cube and dashboards are fully customizable based on firm requirements (all Iridium BI modules)
  • Drive increased profitability through better reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Improve firm and partner performance by encouraging high profit behaviors
  • Improve firm pricing based on feedback from profitability reporting
  • Identify clients and matters where pricing changes are required
  • Identify high performing and low performing departments, partners, working attorneys, etc.
  • Provides reports and tools for firm managers to track and improve firm profitability

Matter Module

  • Powerful inquiry tool to search existing matters for use as templates for creation of new matter plans
  • Intuitive browser-based matter plan editor for creation of detailed matter plans, including phases and tasks
  • Role-based matter tracking dashboards keep partners informed of matter performance versus planned outcome
  • Integrated profitability calculations result in plans that meet or exceed firm profitability targets
  • Variance Analysis: Compare the actual results on matters back to the plans, creating a feedback loop that improves the accuracy of future matter plans
  • (Version 2.0) Resource planning: Track and identify available resources based on their skill sets and experience
  • Ability to quickly create accurate matter plans and proposals improves client service and helps to win more business
  • Alerts quickly identify matters that are deviating from plan – enabling partners to take corrective action and protecting firm profitability
  • Power users are provided with a complete toolset to create ad-hoc queries and reports on matter plans and projected matter outcomes

We’ll Beat Your Existing BI Solution

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