April 2017

Iridium Sponsors 2 Ark Group Events in April (Part 2)


The Ark Group’s 6th annual “BI and Analytics in the Legal Profession” conference will be held in New York on April 27, 2017 at the Princeton Club. We will explore some of the greater challenges and opportunities inherent to our shifting legal business ecosystem – and how effective BI can help firms to engage in an evolution that impacts both the business and the practice of law. Our President, Tom Jones, will be serving as the conference chairman and is looking forward to some lively discussions. We hope you will join us, along with your industry peers this April in New York, as we collectively address the increasing prevalence and significance of data analytics and visualization tools — and how law firms are responding to an evolving business landscape in which they must reconsider how they compete.

Iridium Sponsors 2 Ark Group Events in April (Part 1)


The Ark Group’s 6th annual “Mechanics of Law Firm Profitability” conference will be held in San Francisco on April 5, 2017 at the Marines Memorial Club on Union Square. Iridium Technology is pleased to be the lead sponsor for the event and to have our President, Tom Jones, serving as the conference chairman. Please join us for this exciting event to learn what law firms must know about profitability, matter management, and best business practices. We will collectively examine and discuss what law firm profitability truly entails, as well as the continued evolution of matter management (tools and methodologies)—shedding light on how firms are marshaling their resources to provide the necessary framework, metrics and leadership to manage the business of law more strategically and more profitably.

February 2017

Iridium Becomes Founding Member of Thomson Reuter’s “Elite BI Marketplace”


Iridium is excited to partner with Thomson Reuter and strengthen our existing Elite Alliance Partner Status. Available to 3E and Enterprise clients and clients upgrading from Enterprise or moving from competitor solutions, BI Marketplace is a collection of business intelligence products provided by a select group of partners. Designed as a central location to house each product, clients can pick and choose the offering that best fits their specific needs.

January 2017

Iridium 2016 Year In Review


2016 was a great year for Iridium Technology – incredible actually. First and foremost, we want to thank all of our clients: it is a pleasure to work with them, and we are lucky to have such a fantastic group of client contacts

2016 Biggest Accomplishments (There are a lot!)

  • Firm Growth: We had approximately 80% growth this year as reflected in our client count, subscription revenue, and company size. We signed up 21 new law firm clients, and increased our employee count to 20! Our total client base is now at 47, which includes 12 AMLAW 100 firms. The entire team at Iridium is extremely proud to have accomplished this in just two and a half years. The most exciting aspect is that Iridium is now generating more than 90% of our revenue from monthly subscription fees. With this very stable revenue stream, we can confidently invest back into the company through new hires, increased marketing, and additional R&D investments. We remain debt-free, profitable, and very well positioned to scale the firm to the next level.
  • Elite Alliance Partner: We qualified as an Elite Alliance Partner in 2016. This has provided us with access to Elite technical resources to support our implementation and development efforts, and has also enabled us to attend all Elite events. We attended the UK Vantage conference in London last fall and have committed to attending both the US Vantage and APAC Vantage conferences in 2017.
  • Iridium BI Capabilities: In 2016, we continued to extend the capabilities of all modules based on feedback from our clients. We have also furthered our record of having delivered over 2,000 customizations without ever having been stumped.
  • Profit Module Capabilities: We remained committed to taking on “your toughest requirements” in 2016, and I have to say that some of our new clients really challenged us on that one! The Profit Module is continually evolving based on your feedback. We will release an updated version of the Profitability “Best Practices” white paper in February to showcase extended capabilities and to share additions to our best practices recommendations.
  • Dedicated Development Team: We now have three full-time developers and one full-time tester on staff. They are making excellent progress on the Matter Module and building reproducible tests scripts that will be run before each release. Having a dedicated team is already having a major impact on our ability to build products more quickly and with higher quality.
  • More Events: We have increased our marketing budget and will attend 8-10 events in 2017, starting with LegalTech NYC later this month. In addition to getting the word out on Iridium BI, this enables us to meet more of our client contacts in person.
  • Director - APAC: We are very pleased to now have a permanent local presence in Sydney. Ali Zafar did a spectacular job during his two years of “overseas experience” in the US. His promotion to Director – APAC was well-deserved, and Ali will be able to improve our support and responsiveness for all APAC clients.
  • 99% out of the ClearView Business: This is a big one – there are only a few ClearView implementations still in existence while we finish moving a few new clients to Iridium BI. Ongoing ClearView support has been a distraction for us, and we are now fully focused on Iridium BI.
  • Iridium Technology 7-Year Anniversary: Over the past seven years, we have grown our staff, launched our own product line, and increased our client base. Even after seven years, Martin and I still really feel like we are just getting started, and we are looking forward to our ten-year anniversary and beyond.


Tom Jones
Iridium Technology

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December 2016

Season’s Greetings! (Part 3)


As part of our December “Giving Back” Initiative, Iridium would like to remind our client contacts that Iridium will sponsor any charitable endeavors. Whether it is for a jog-a-thon for cancer, sleeping in the park to raise awareness about homelessness, fundraising for Juvenile Diabetes, etc, we are more than happy to contribute to your cause. Our typical donation is $100 for any request. Over the years, we have proudly supported dozens of charitable organizations. So to all of our client contacts: Remember to hit us up!

Season’s Greetings! (Part 2)


Annual Toys For Tots donation from Iridium’s President, Tom Jones: “This has been a Jones family tradition for the past 10 years. Each year, we head to Toys "R" Us to fill a shopping cart for Toys For Tots. In addition to helping others, it is a great reminder for my boys that they have a lot to be thankful for. Please consider donating to this worthy cause.”

Season’s Greetings! (Part 1)


Iridium is proud to have set up monthly donations to the Rainforest Alliance, Durga Tree International, #EndSlaveryNow, Black Girls Code, and the Wounded Warrior Project for this holiday season and upcoming year.

Iridium Adds Three More Employees!


We have added three new employees to the growing Iridium team. Please go to the Iridium Team Page to review their profiles and learn more about Barry, Kim, and Courtney.

  • Barry has joined our team as a Senior BI Consultant/Developer. He is based in Reno.
  • Kim has also joined our team as a Senior BI Consultant/Developer. She is based in Tallahassee.
  • Courtney has joined our time on a part-time basis as a Marketing Specialist. She is also based in Reno.
  • November 2016

    Iridium Continues Streak


    Iridium continues our streak of adding two new law firm clients per month. We have signed up five new clients for Iridium BI in the last six weeks!

    October 2016

    Iridium Heads to New York City


    Iridium was pleased to attend the 21st Annual Law Firm Leaders Forum in NYC as a Gold Sponsor. Yet another great event from the folks at the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute.

    Iridium in NYC


    Iridium was pleased to attend the 15th Annual Law Firm COO & CFO Forum in NYC as a Gold Sponsor. Yet another great event from the folks at the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute.

    September 2016

    Iridium Attends San Francisco Event


    Iridium attends the 3rd Annual West Coast Law Firm Leadership Forum. Yet another great event from the folks at the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute.

    Iridium Attends London Event


    Iridium was pleased to attend the Thompson Reuters ELITE VANTAGE 2016 London conference as a Gold Sponsor. The event was well attended and flawlessly executed. Thanks to the gang at Elite for making this a great event.

    August 2016

    Iridium to Attend ILTACON 2016


    Be sure to stop by Booth 335 to get a demo of the latest release of Iridium BI and meet our staff. Tom is also participating as a panel member in the “Business Intelligence Showcase” session on Tuesday. ILTACON is always an awesome event – we are looking forward to meeting with our clients, friends, and prospects. Come on by the booth, and prepare to be impressed with the speed and beauty of our latest dashboard release.

    July 2016

    Iridium wins 9-way BI Shootout!


    Iridium is proud to announce that we secured the contracts after a grueling 9-way shootout to become the BI vendor for a large Chicago firm. Nine vendors participated, but in the end Iridium was left standing due to our profitability capabilities and ability to customize to meet the requirements of the most demanding law firms.

    David Maloyed (and three others!) join Iridium Technology


    Iridium Technology has added four new members to their development/consulting team, including well known Legal IT figure David Maloyed. David has been working in Legal IT for 20 years in a variety of technical, consulting, and implementation roles.

    "We are very excited to have David join our team," states Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology. "His strong technical and project management skills will provide a great boost in helping us to manage our rapidly expanding client base."

    "We have also added three additional technical resources," continues Jones. "Two are based in the US, and one is based in EMEA." All three new team members will be involved in product development, implementations, and support. Having an EMEA-based resource now gives us around the clock (24-hour) support for our clients in all regions."

    Tom Saves the Girl Scouts $6,000

    gigabyte girls

    "I have continued to work as an advisor for our local "Gigabyte" girls, and is great to see them coding away. We have had one challenge in the classes, and that is the wireless connection at the Girl Scout club is horrible," Tom says. "This has been frustrating for everyone, so I volunteered to see if we could solve the problem by buying a router (etc.). The Girl Scouts contacted their local IT guys, who responded that the whole wireless infrastructure needed to be upgraded for the building and the cost would be $6,600."

    Tom continues, "I called them up and (tactfully) told them that was ridiculous, and that I could probably run the meetings using my cell phone as a hot spot. That put them in a "problem solving mode", and we then had a brainstorming session about how to solve the problem for the girls at a reasonable price point. After a week of discussions and diagnostics, it was discovered that some of the existing equipment was faulty and could be replaced by Dell under warranty. Total cost: $600 service charge. This lesson (ask questions and stand up for yourself!) will certainly be shared with the girls at our next meeting!"

    Iridium Attends Chicago Conference


    Iridium attends the Janders Dean Law Legal Horizons Conference in Chicago. No one can say it better than Justin: “We don’t do “same-old, same-old. We don’t do static and stale conferences with the predictable roster of speakers. What makes our event different? This gathering has been developed and planned not by a conference company, but by the combined team of experts from the legal education and consulting fields – a group of recognized global thought leaders who work day-in and day-out at the front line of legal services transformation.”

    June 2016

    Iridium to attend 6th Annual Law Firm CIO/COO/CFO Forum


    This premier event is hosted by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, and is always well attended by industry leaders. Iridium is a Gold Sponsor, and we are looking forward to meetings with law firm leaders. Tom will also be participating in a panel discussion on “Chasing Profitability: The Evolving Law Firm Staffing Model".

    Twelve Iridium BI Wins in First Half of 2016!


    Iridium Technology posted very strong first half results, including signing up twelve new clients since January 1st -- an average of two new clients per month. Iridium wins included four AMLAW 100 firms. The new clients represent all regions where Iridium does business: the US, UK/EMEA, Canada, Caribbean, and Asia/Pacific.

    "We are clearly establishing ourselves as the preferred BI solution for sophisticated/demanding firms," states Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology. "Iridium fully customizes our dashboards and cubes for each client, but also provides a BI platform that enables clients to stay on the latest release while preserving their customizations. Sophisticated firms recognize Iridium as the vendor that has an unmatched history of delivering the toughest requirements, and doing it on a quick turnaround."

    May 2016

    Iridium sponsors the Reno “Gigabyte Girls”

    gigabyte girls

    Iridium Technology is sponsoring Gigabyte Girls, a club for all girls in grades 6-12 who have a passion for learning all things tech-related. It is being run through the local Girl Scout troop, and is the first Gigabyte Girls club in the US. President of Iridium Technology, Tom Jones, after reading about the club in the local paper is now volunteering for the group. The club is in its infancy, but we have already established a group of about 10 girls that are regular attendees.

    There are two benefits to our sponsorship: we'll be focused on teaching programming while also bringing more women into STEM careers. Iridium's role with Gigabyte Girls is still evolving and more updates will be on the way! Read more about Gigabyte Girls here.

    Iridium making road trip to Toronto


    Heading to Toronto to visit our clients and participate in a “BI cage match”. Many vendors enter the Octogon, but which vendor will emerge with the new client? (Follow-up: Iridium won!)

    Iridium to attend 2016 ALA Annual Conference in Los Angeles


    Iridium is proud to attend the ALA Conference. We look forward to seeing our friend, clients, and prospects at this great event. ALA events are always well attended and Iridium to sign up new clients, so we are really looking forward to the conference.

    BI Provider Iridium Technology Becomes New Thomson Reuters Elite Alliance Partner


    Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced that it has signed Iridium Technology as an Alliance partner to provide 3E® and Enterprise™ clients with a highly customizable business intelligence (BI) solution. The company’s flagship product features a comprehensive set of dashboards designed to give firms a complete overview of business performance and operations.

    Elite clients can take advantage of Iridium Technology’s BI product line, which provides four powerful modules of analysis: GL, Revenue, Expense, and Profit. The informative cubes support extensive customization per business specifications, providing clients with highly-focused analytics that measure the full spectrum of performance and profitability. The Iridium BI profitability module is fully configurable based on client requirements.

    See more: here

    April 2016

    Sophomore Year Update on Iridium Scholar Yuwadee Srichinlers


    Yuwadee ("Yu") is in the progress of finishing up her sophomore year, and has remained as a Business/Accounting major. She is taking a mix of accounting, business management, and computer courses. Most importantly, she is really excelling as a student and has a cumulative GPA of 3.55! Tom and Yu exchange emails on a weekly basis, with Tom's wife Lek serving as the translator.

    When Yu was selected as the first Iridium Scholar, we promised to pay for her entire university education as long as she kept her GPA over 3.4. She is keeping her side of the agreement, and we are keeping ours! We send her monthly deposits to cover academic fees, apartment, utilities, books, special expenses, and even spending money. We keep her laptop running, cover her bus fares to go back and visit her family, purchase school uniforms, etc. We also give her a bonus for every "A", and she can use that money any way that she chooses.

    In Yu's words (translated): "I am so lucky to have received this scholarship, and I am trying my hardest to get good grades and be a good student. I am enjoying the university, but I must say that this is the hardest I have ever worked in my life! I will finish my sophomore year with good grades, and I am looking forward to returning to my home town to see my family in the summer. Thank you to Tom and Lek and the team at Iridium for making my education possible."

    Yu is doing a great job at the university, and we are pleased to see her excellent grades and work ethic. Yuwadee will be the first person in her family to earn a university degree. Thai families are incredibly close knit, and Yu's employment opportunities as an Accountant will help to raise her entire family out of poverty. We are pleased to be able to sponsor her, and are committed to covering her expenses through graduation.

    February 2016



    Iridium is pleased to announce that they are heading to Australia to attend the ChilliIQ 9th Annual Managing Partners Forum. Tom and Bruce Heaney (Account Manager – APAC) will spend the last week in February meeting with Iridium clients and prospects to show them the new dashboard release. The week will then culminate with the MPF conference in Byron Bay. It’s summer in Australia, so Tom will need to break out the sunscreen to keep his “programmer tan” intact…



    Iridium Technology has concluded their annual customer satisfaction survey, and the results were stellar! The survey was conducted in January 2016, and gathered feedback on Iridium's 2015 performance from their growing client base. The survey assessed how satisfied clients were in 24 different areas. A 1-to-5 scale was used where a 4.0 indicates "Very Satisfied" and a 5.0 indicates "Highly Satisfied".

    The highest areas of achievement are listed below with average scores in parentheses:

    • Overall satisfaction with Iridium Technology as your BI Vendor (4.8)
    • The business practices and ethics of Iridium Technology as an organization (4.8)
    • Technical proficiency (4.7)
    • Commitment to customer satisfaction (4.8)
    • Professionalism (4.7)
    • The quality and value of Iridium's products (4.7)
    • Iridium valuing you as a client (4.7)
    • Iridium's technical capabilities and legal knowledge (4.7)

    Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology, states, "We are once again extremely pleased with the survey results. We take client satisfaction very seriously, and it is great to get such positive feedback from our clients. The 2016 results were our best ever, and we have already been doing great in previous years. The results show that Iridium's commitment to high quality products and excellent customer service are providing great results for our clients. Please contact me if you would like a complete write-up of the survey results.


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