Revenue Module


The Iridium BI Revenue module provides clear insights into your firm’s financials, providing lawyer friendly dashboards to everyone within the firm. The module supplies over 300 measures including billable hours, billable value, bills, collections, disbursements, and WIP/AR.


  • Fast inquiries and fast dashboards. The vast majority of queries render in one second or less, and dashboards that contain multiple queries render in four seconds or less on average.
  • Each implementation is unique – based on your firm’s business practices and requirements. It is part of our standard implementation to capture your firm’s financial reporting requirements and build them into the cubes and dashboards. Your revenue cube will tie back to your practice management system values.


  • Role-based dashboards drive improved individual and firm performance. Attorneys are fully informed on their key KPIs.
  • Partners and firm managers can improve performance by monitoring their work with role-based dashboards
  • Power users are provided with a complete toolset to support ad-hoc analysis


Over 30 dimensions are offered for slicing the measures, including:

  • Office, Department, Team, and Total Firm
  • Client/Matter, Parent-Client
  • Working Attorney
  • Title/Personnel Type
  • Client/Matter Responsible Attorney
  • Participating Attorney/Participating Category
  • Work Type, Work Status
  • Year/Period (including MTD, QTD, YTD, and R12)
  • Bill, Bill Date, Receipt, Payer
  • Disb Entry, Disb Type
  • Currency, Exchange Date
  • Age Bucket
  • Time Entry, Time Type
  • Transaction Type, Tax Type
  • Full Support for Multiple Calendars (Fiscal Year, Associate Comp, Partner Evaluation, etc.), and more!

Screen Shots


  • Complete performance analysis and reporting solution for law firms
  • Complete set of role-based dashboards, providing analysis by Working Personnel, Responsible Partner (multiple roles),
  • Department Head, Officer Manager, Team Leader, etc
  • A robust cube with 300+ measures to support ad-hoc analysis on all aspects of firm performance

Revenue Measures

A measure is a value stored in the cube. The Iridium BI Revenue cube contains over 300 measures, enabling analysis of:

  • Time Worked, Time Relieved
  • Revenue Billed, Revenue Collected
  • WIP and AR
  • Unapplied Revenue
  • Premiums & Discounts
  • Billing and Collection Speed
  • Disb Worked, Disb Relieved
  • Exchange Rates
  • Participation Credits
  • Target
  • HR Data Based on Title, Assignments, FTE Values, and more!
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