Profit Module


The Iridium BI Profit module is spectacular, and we are incredibly proud of the features and capabilities that we have built into the product. We consider the Profit module to be the “crown jewel” of our complete BI suite for law firms. Iridium BI was designed from “day one” specifically for legal and professional services firms. The Profit module is tightly integrated with the other modules, giving firms a complete view of profitability as part of the overall firm performance.


  • Complete profitability analysis and reporting solution for law firms
  • Features the most powerful and flexible profitability/allocation engine ever offered for law firms
  • Ability to tie collections back the associated work and costs in previous periods (“matching”)
  • Three forward-looking projected profitability scenarios: Optimistic, Pessimistic, and Expected
  • Full support for both cash and accrual-based profitability analysis


  • Fast queries and fast dashboards. The vast majority of queries render in one second or less, and dashboards that contain numerous queries render in four seconds or less on average.
  • Each implementation is fully customized based on your firm’s business practices and requirements. Your profit cube will match your requirements.
  • Specifically built to handle your toughest “expectations to the rules”


  • Profitability reporting and analysis becomes part of your monthly reporting cycle
  • Power users are provided with a complete toolset to support ad-hoc profitability analysis
  • Partners and firm-managers can improve performance by monitoring their book of business with role-based profitability dashboards


Over 20 dimensions are offered for slicing the measures, including:

  • Profit Scenario
  • Year/Period (including MTD, QTD, YTD, and R12)
  • Officer, Department, Team, and Total Firm
  • Client/Matter, Parent-Client
  • Working Attorney
  • Title/Personnel Type
  • Client/Matter Responsible Attorney
  • Participating Attorney/Participating Category
  • Work Type, Work Status, and more!


Screen Shots

Profit Measures

A measure is a value stored in the cube. The Iridium BI Profit cube contains over 100 measures, including:

  • Revenue, Cost, Profit (supporting multiple scenarios)
  • Revenue Rate, Cost Rate, Profit Rate
  • Direct and Indirect Costs
  • Collections, Write-offs, Write-downs, etc.
  • Gross Margin
  • Gross Margin %
  • Leverage
  • Hours for AFA Scenarios
  • Billing and Collection Speed
  • GL Data for Cost Analysis
  • HR Data for Title Assignment, FTE Values Analysis, and more!
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