Matter Module


The Iridium BI Matter module enables partners and pricing analysts to create accurate plans for upcoming matters. Users can create and approve matter plans, and then monitor performance versus plan as the matter is being worked. The Matter module is tightly integrated with the other Iridium BI modules, enabling a holistic view of matter plans and outcomes versus firm-defined performance metrics.


  • Powerful inquiry tool to search existing matters to use as templates for new matter plans
  • Intuitive browser-based plan editor for creation of detailed matter plans, including phases and tasks
  • Current information on working attorneys and their billing rates is always available when preparing new matter plans
  • Integrated profitability calculations result in plans that meet or exceed firm profitability targets
  • Role-based tracking dashboards create a feedback loop that improves the accuracy of future matter plans


  • Flexible matter plan editor enables multiple “what if” scenarios so users can compare multiple pricing and staffing options
  • Flexible solutions support firms’ business practices and adapts to changes in requirements
  • Fast queries and dashboards (like all Iridium BI modules)
  • Customizable based on firm requirements (like all Iridium BI modules)
  • Alerts inform users when matter milestones are reached or a matter is deviating from the expected outcome


  • Ability to create accurate matter plans and proposals quickly, improving client service and generating more business
  • Alerts quickly identify matters that are deviating from the plan, enabling partners to take action and protect firm profitability
  • Power users are provided with a complete toolset to create ad-hoc queries and reports on matter plans and projected matter outcomes


Dimensions are offered for slicing the matter plan measures include:

  • Matters and Matter Portfolios
  • Phase, Task, Sub Task
  • Resource (Working Attorney)
  • Resource Role
  • Period
  • Office
  • Department


Screen Shots

Matter Plan Analysis

A measure is a value that is stored in the cube for quick retrieval by dashboard and analysis tools. The Iridium BI Matter module supports advanced monitoring and analysis of matter plans and performance:

  • Planned values include Hours, Fees, Disbursements, Revenue and Cost
  • All variances are pre-calculated for quick sorting and filtering
  • Matter module planned values may be combined with estimates from other sources such as matter intake forms
  • Other metrics such as WIP/AR, effective rates, realization, etc. may be analyzed alongside planned values to provide a holistic view of matter performance
  • Multiple currencies are supported in plan preparation and analysis and automatic currency conversion allows variances to be analyzed in a single currency
  • Flexible mapping of budget dimensions to time and disbursement entries allows for creative budgeting without losing variance tracking capabilities
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