GL Module


The Iridium BI GL module provides a robust foundation for our complete BI solution to analyze and report on general ledger data. The entire set of GL data is available, including drill-through to journal entries. The GL module is tightly integrated with the other Iridium BI modules, providing users with a comfortable and familiar analysis experience.


  • Complete GL analysis and reporting solution for law firms
  • Complete set of role-based financial dashboards, providing analysis by Executive (Total Firm), Department Head, Office Manager, and Team Leader
  • Dashboards include financial reports such as Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance
  • A robust cube with 50+ measures to support ad-hoc analysis on firm GL data and financial performance
  • Report by cash and accrual with multi-currency support
  • Full support for project-based GL analysis


  • Fully configurable to match your firm’s GL account structure and hierarchy
  • Drill-through to Journal Entries, including Narrations
  • Support for loading your firm’s GL budgets
  • Fast queries and fast dashboards. The vast majority of queries render in one second or less, and dashboards that contain multiple queries render in four seconds or less on average at client sites.


  • Role-based dashboards drive improved performance across business units. Firm unit managers and executives are fully informed on business unit performance and profitability.
  • Budget variance analysis supports firm cost control initiatives
  • Power users are provided with a complete toolset to support ad-hoc analysis of firm financial data


More than ten dimensions are offered for slicing the measures, including:

  • Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Currency
  • Office, Department, Team, and Total Firm
  • Office Group, Department Group
  • Project
  • Income Statement
  • Scenario, and more!


Screen Shots

GL Measures

A measure is a value that is stored in the cube. The Iridium BI GL cube contains over 50 measures, enabling analysis of:

Revenue & Expense

  • Revenue and Expense
  • Direct Expense
  • Overhead Expense
  • Assets, Liabilities, and Equity


  • Gross Profit
  • Gross Profit Margin %
  • Profit
  • Profit Margin %
  • Opening Balance, Closing Balance


  • Budget
  • Budget Annual
  • Budget Variance
  • Budget Variance %
  • Budget Forecast
  • Budget Projection, and more!
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