Daily Insights Tracker

The quick and easy way to track vital metrics daily


In these rapidly changing times, it’s more important than ever for your firm to have rapid access to vital business metrics. Daily tracking and distribution of key metrics can help to ensure that your firm is successful throughout, and long after, the COVID-19 crisis.

The Daily Insights Tracker is part of the “lite” version of our Revenue module.  This product is designed to allow firms to quickly get into production at a reasonable price point, and deliver key metrics to the decision-makers in your firm.

With a low price point and rapid deployment, the Daily Insights Tracker enables firms to get their critical metrics quickly published for key decision-makers. The Daily Tracker is a valuable tool to get your firm through this time of rapid change successfully.


  • Visibility into your firm’s key metrics allows you to:
    • Maintain growth and consistency while keeping up with customer requirements for competitive pricing
    • Understand the drivers of margin, even as they change
    • Allow you to plan for improved profitability through better inventory hygiene
    • Keep your lawyers accountable and your firm tracking to budget

Clear Data Insights


  • Track and distribute key metrics to your firm leadership, including:
    • Fees Collected
    • Billable Fees
    • Fees Billed
    • Time Posting Speed
    • WIP
    • AR
  • Understand the effect of the current crisis on your law firm
  • Make data-driven, informed decisions with a click of your mouse
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