Partner Performance Portal


Streamline your partner performance review and compensation process through an interactive portal that allows you to review partner performance data, allocate points, and assign bonuses, and determine compensation for each partner with Intellistat Partner Performance Portal.

Easily accessible data.

Gather all of the data your compensation committee needs in one place. The Intellistat Partner Performance Portal pulls data from Intellistat products, your PMS, and soon from Iridium Cubes

Compare partners in your firm.

See how partners compare in a side-by-side view. Both current and historical performance and compensation statistics are available to compare partners in your firm. See how each of your partners rank against one another as well.

Involve the partners in your firm.

Partners can upload self-evaluations, which can be viewed by your compensation committee and stored with other historical data.

Make recommendations.

Your performance review and compensation committees can make recommendations for current or future compensation and bonuses. Notes follow your partners throughout your use of Intellistat Partner Performance Portal, so they’re easy to refer back to.

Drill into your data.

Drilldown by attorney to get related client and matter level detail, with applicable shared credits. Compare this data year-over-year for up to four years of historical client and matter information.


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