Matter Planning


Increase firm profitability through better matter management. Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing’s sophisticated user-centric dashboard, scenario modeling, and budget tracking enable financial professionals, practice managers, and attorneys to effectively manage the most important drivers of profitability -pricing strategy and staffing methodology.

Robust – Flexible – User-Friendly – Intuitive


Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricingenables law firms to plan, track, and manage matters for all fee arrangements. The application enables users to create multiple what-if budget scenarios as they staff an engagement opportunity. With the what-if functionality, firms have the capability they need to analyze the expected profitability of a matter and then ultimately track the actuals costs against one or more budget scenarios. By tracking the matter budgets against actuals, the firm can monitor progress of each engagement and be alerted (via dashboard alerts, scheduled or triggered email summaries) when approaching key milestones and budgetary thresholds. Tracks all financial data associated with matter budgets (and actuals)from Leverage, Revenue, and Realization to Cost and Margin.



Personalized User Experience. Designed with a rich environment that includes a role-based dashboard view with meaningful charts, critical alerts, a matter watch list, user-defined web links, and more, Matter Planning has been fully fashioned with the user perspective in mind.

Alerts. Displays any items that have crossed a customized alert threshold. Alerts are configured to highlight matters needing attention and can check matter data firm-wide, by practice area, or down to the matter level. In addition to appearing on the dashboard, the alerts can also be sent via email.

Matter Health. Affords attorneys a bird’s eye view of the overall state of their matters and how well they meet client expectations and the firm’s profitability needs. The Watch List displays summaries for matter scenarios of interest to the user. Scenarios are added to this panel by dragging a matter from the Alerts area.

Budget Wizard. Guides users step-by-step, screen-by-screen to create an opportunity and budget scenarios that are linked to matters for comparison to actual costs enabling quick profitability analysis.

Budget Templates. Create a firm defined set of budget templates by any combination of tasks, resources, and time dimensions in order to facilitate rapid creation of new budgets using assumptions unique to your practice.

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